Fresh Tempeh/Tempe, Fermented Soy Bean 400 gram, Vegan Friendly Meat Alternative (Pack of 10, Total =4 kg)


  • HIGH IN PROTEIN – Our tempeh contains at least 17 grams of protein per serving, higher than that of eggs. It is one of the world’s richest natural plant-based sources of protein.
  • HIGH IN FIBRE – Packed with at least 6 grams of fibre per serving to maintain your gut health as well as fill you up.
  • LOW IN SAT. FAT – Our tempeh is naturally low in saturated fat, making it a super nutritious go-to source of protein – plant-based or not.
  • FREEZER-FRIENDLY AND GUARANTEED 21 DAYS OF SHELF-LIFE ON DELIVERY – Produced to the highest food standards and packed in an insulated box with eco-friendly reusable ice-packs, our tempeh will arrive chilled at your doorstep and fresh to eat for at least 3 full weeks. They can also be kept frozen for 3 months.

Vitamin B12 contents were determined on 10 commercial tempeh samples purchased from various markets in Jakarta, Indonesia. A relatively high vitamin B12 content was found, i.e., 19 ng/g (ranges from 1.8 to 41.4 ng/g). As soybeans contain no vitamin B12, the amount of vitamin in the tempeh must therefore be derived from the other sources during the fermentation process. The tempeh prepared in the laboratory by inoculation of the commercial starter into the sterile soybean contained a much higher amount of vitamin B12, 127 ng/g (ranges from 122 to 136 ng/g). Pure mold and a single species of bacteria were isolated from the starter and commercial tempehs. Pure mold did not produce vitamin B12 in the sterile broth, soybean and medium used for vitamin B12 production. Only the isolated bacteria, identified as K. pneumoniae, could produce vitamin B12 in those substrates. The presence of mold did not significantly enhance or inhibit the vitamin B12 production by K. pneumoniae. It was, therefore, concluded that K. pneumoniae, the bacteria contaminated during the process of tempeh production, was responsible for the vitamin B12 production.


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