Organic Ragi Tempeh/Tempeh Starter/Live Culture/Inokulum 50 gram


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Ragi Tempeh 50 gram/ Tempeh Yeast/ Tempe Starter. Condition is “New”. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

NOTE: Raprima is Organic products, animal Products free and No Preservative.  So It is suitable for vegan and vegetarian.The Expiry date is maximum around 4-6 months.
The products is Non GMO, mentioned on their Official Website.

Why Raprima Tempeh Starter?

In the form of fine powder which is easily weighed and dosed.

Has good quality and stable for either large or small scale soybean production.

Produce delicious tempeh with thick white fur and can be stored longer.

Contain Rhizopus spores in high quantities.

Free of pathogenic bacteria.

It contains only white rice flour and rhizopus oligosporus spores.

It does not contain MSG or preservatives.

How to use: we recommend 4 gram of starter for 1 kg soybean

Registered by National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC) with product number BPOM RI MD 256928001051.

Also registered by the ?HALAL? certification agencies, Indonesian Ulema Council with product number LPPOM 01311082190113


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