Making Tempeh, is similar as travel to London, so many ways , how to get there, but my tips could be suitable for you…

How to make tempeh in cold country?use Yakult to help you making tempeh.

1. Boil 1 kg soybean until cooked, around 1.5 hours.

2. Leave it cold and add 1 bottle of Yakult. The reason giving Yakult is to help Soybean produce lactate acid, which is needed for fermentation

3. Leave it in water for about 30 hours until the soybean tastes acid

4. Remove skin and split soybean

5.Wash it 1 times, do not wash it too clean

6. Dry it, and ready for adding tempeh starter and addrice flour if needed(optional)(as much as you would add salt and pepper to your food)……

7.Prepare the plastic with holes

8.Put the soybean into plastic and pack them(tight containers need to be poked for holes)

9.Put them into incubator for upto 24-36 hours, set temp around 27-31Celcius,Harvest your tasty nutritious and sustainable food…enjoy guys!!! Next lesson, …..keep watching for making tempeh incubator

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